Winter Wedding Wonderland | Wedding Trailer

When Ashley planned her winter wedding for mid December 2016, the one wish she made was for snow. Not the blizzard kind, but something that would coat the day like a winter wonderland...well someone was listening because she got her wish with the first snow of the year. The bride does admit she did ...
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Wedding Trailer | Welcome to the Hamptons

Mariel and Jamie love the Hamptons. So it's no surprise that they would plan the most important day of their lives to take place here. Ironically, one of Mariel's close family friends recently bought a beautiful horse farm in the Hamptons and Mariel's dad happen to see it. Once he saw the staircase, ...
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Wedding Teaser at Tribeca Rooftop | New York City

Their are certain milestones in your life that stand out above others. Getting married, having a child and graduating from a good school are a few of the biggest. These accomplishments can often be as stressful as they are satisfying. People recommend you space these major events out, but Casey and ...
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Plane Ticket to Korea | Wedding Teaser

“Celestial” by Moncrief | Music Licensed by The Music Bed Julie and Joseph's story is right out of a movie. They met by chance in college, lost touch, and then reconnected four years later. Joseph knew then that Julie was the one, but there was a problem. She was moving to Korea. This would ...
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The Stuff of Life | Wedding Teaser

“Everything” by Everyone Moves Away | Music Licensed by The Music Bed Katy and Daniel didn’t choose The Pierre Hotel just for the classic setting and beautiful ballroom.The venue is very special to the couple because Katy’s grandparents were married there 70 years ago. It’s rare that ...
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