Couples talk about the Pennylane Experience

It’s always interesting to hear what our former wedding couples say months or even years later. We interviewed several former Pennylane couples in late 2013 and asked them what their experience was like watching their film and how they felt working with us. We filmed their answers because sometimes prospective clients want to know what past clients have thought of us. Now, anyone can make up a text-based testimonial and slap a name on it so I really wanted to avoid this. Besides, we are a video production company, so why wouldn’t just film them, right? There’s nothing better than watching real couples express their sincere feelings about using a product or service.

Lindsey talks about her wedding video

Lindsey talks about her wedding video


Most of Pennylane’s business comes from customer referrals of past clients. This is because our goal is to make the best films possible for our clients and feel personally proud about every project that walks out the company door. Good customer relations is a top priority for us and it’s an important part of all successful companies. We always make sure that we’re available to answer questions and educate our clients every step of the way.


Lindsey, one of the brides in this video, mentions something very important towards the end. Having a film to share with friends and family for the rest of your life. Think about it, the flowers will die, the cake will be eaten, the venue will have another wedding and all you have left is a memory. This is why wedding cinematography and wedding photography are so valuable, especially after time has passed. To create a visual memory of an amazing milestone in ones life is extraordinary. Knowing that Lindsey’s grandchildren will one day watch her wedding film and share the experience of her day as we did, years earlier, is a true honor and a job we take very seriously.

How much does a wedding video cost?

Lori and Frank discuss what a Pennylane wedding film is worth to them. There are many factors that affect the price of a wedding video but in the end, it is only worth what someone is willing to pay. Every wedding videographer knows how much their films are worth and that’s what they charge. It’s up to you to ask yourself how their films made you feel inside. How do you feel after watching our work? How much do you really want it? What’s more important? Are the flowers more important than the wedding film? Is the photography more important? For some the answer is yes, and for others the answer is no. You have to decide what will matter to you a year later and work your budget accordingly. This process in itself is a form of wedding planning and it can drive people crazy.


About 2 minutes into this video, the groom says something very funny. He talks about tipping. This raises a popular question for many couples and that is… “Do you tip your cinematographer?”. The truth is that some couples tip us and others don’t, but it’s never necessary. We have no negative feelings if we don’t get tipped. Everyone has a different view on tipping. Personally I never tip the barista at Starbucks, thats crazy! Same thing with Subway restaurants, but I always tip well for drinks at a bar or food service when sitting down and being served.


Ok so let me ask the question everyone wants to know the answer to (because I don’t know the answer)…Are you supposed to tip for full service gasoline? If you know the answer, please leave it in the comment section below because I’d love to know that answer.

What’s a Pennylane film worth?

What’s a Pennylane film worth?

Meet Lindsey, a Pennylane bride from 2012 who discusses what her film is worth to her and why. This is a raw cut of testimonial from a real customer expressing her honest thoughts about her experience with Pennylane.

Pennylane Productions is wedding and event film company that is known to be more expensive than average. Founder and creative director Adam Forgione has said many times that his vision for Pennylane was to create the best event films he could for people who take their memories seriously.

In order to create compelling films that tell an emotional story, it requires attention to detail and time to craft. Adam has always vowed to never let any film leave the studio unless it passes the studio quality control test. This promise ensures a consistency that has help make the company a household name.

You can watch Lindsey and James’ highlight reel here. Their full wedding feature film remains private. Highlight reels are an option that clients can add to the feature film package.