Wedding guests blocking the professionals

Wedding guests blocking the professionals

A new behavior has sprung up in recent years with wedding guests taking pictures and filming video from their iPhones and iPads. This sounds harmless but when that guest steps into the aisle and blocks the professional while the bride is walking down the aisle, it could be a disaster for the couples pictures and film. Ask any wedding videographer or photographer and they will tell you that this kind of thing happens all the time.gues block aisle copy

For me personally, I think this is an etiquette problem in the industry. It seems to have exploded more since the invention of the iPad. The iPad is a much larger mobile device and requires the guest to step even more into the shot to get that picture. Now even grandma is using her iPad at weddings. Many brides and grooms are not even aware of this because it’s not discussed until it’s too late. Couples spend tons of money on professional videographers and photographers and many times these pros are filming behind guests while capturing important moments for the bride and groom.

[sws_pullquote_left]Top 5 Moments Blocked

  1. Bride walking down the aisle
  2. Bride and groom kiss
  3. Bride and groom recessional
  4. Bride and groom listening to a speech
  5. First dance or parent dance


Lately there have even been articles surfacing from the news and popular wedding blogs about “unplugged weddings.” This is when the bride and groom request all guests to turn off their cameras/phones and enjoy the day while letting the professionals do their job. Another thing most guests don’t think about is how easily a flash from their iPhone can completely destroy a priceless moment that the professional photographer was hired to capture. Flash from even an iPhone is very powerful. Now telling guests to turn off their phones/cameras sounds easy but there will always be some that still break the rules. I don’t think guests should NOT be allowed to take pictures, but I understand why couples across the world are starting to request complete unplugged weddings. The next time you’re a guest at a wedding, be aware of your surroundings, know that there may be a professional behind you at anytime. A guest blocking important shots only hurts the bride and groom and we should all put the bride and groom first on their special day. Just like it’s not right to show up to the formal reception with jeans and a tee shirt, it’s not right to block the professionals shots and ruin the couples memories.

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[intense_content_box icon=”asterisk” icon_color=”#ffffff” size=”3″ icon_stack_type=”circle” icon_stack_color=”#1a8be2″ position=”topcenter” boxed=”1″ shadow=”0″ background=”#e8e8e8″ border_size=”1″ border_color=”#a3a3a3″ border_style=”solid” title=”How To Solve This Problem”]I think its starts with awareness. Once it becomes common knowledge and understood etiquette for guests to be very careful taking pictures, it will spread. Wedding videographers and photographers should blog about this issue and explain the reality of this behavior to their couples. I welcome anyone to share this article or reuse it in their own blog to help educate today’s wedding guests. Couples should consider including signs to alert guests to be careful or refrain from taking pictures at certain times. Couples can also ask their emcee and officiant to announce this at the beginning of ceremonies and receptions. The more that we educate people, the less this will be a problem. In the end, everyone should be looking out for the best interest of the bride and groom.


Creative Pinterest ideas to educate your guests[/intense_content_box]


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Some couples consider their videography and photography the most important investment when planning their wedding, and the very image they are hoping to see may not exist because of this behavior. There are times when the only angle available for the shot is blocked by a raised iPad or iPhone sliding in from the right and it’s a horrible feeling for the professional because they know how important it is. As a guest, if you do go for that picture or video, make sure you do your part and look around and get right in and right out. If there is a professional behind you, please refrain from taking that picture and leave it up to the professional. It’s what the couple hired them to do. If you’re a professional, feel free to share examples in the comments below. Do you have an opinion about this?

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Adam presents at Masters In Motion | Austin, TX

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Pennylane Workshop US Tour Launched
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