Blue Lightning | Make-A-Wish Story

Blue Lightning was produced by our commercial video production division for non-profit organization Make-A-Wish® Foundation.

Blue Lightning is the story of Joseph, an 11-year old Make-A-Wish® boy with cancer who wishes for a basketball court in his backyard. Joseph is a huge NBA fan along with his brother Anthony. While following Joseph’s story, an unexpected donor with ties to the NBA surprises the brothers with an experience of a life time. When the court is finished, they unveil it at a reveal party along with 100+ people in the community to share in Joseph’s joy. This story gives us a front row seat to what it’s like to plan a wish at the Make-A-Wish® office in Bohemia, New York.

To learn more at Make-A-Wish Suffolk County

Habitat For Humanity Story | Nicks on the Wall


Besides filming weddings and social event stories, we also produce films for businesses and organizations. When we first met with Habitat for Humanity, we wanted to create a film that would touch people’s emotions and also explain what HFH is all about. What better way then to follow a day in the life of an actual family going through the process.  “Nicks on the Wall” is a story film about Elizabeth and Brian’s journey to capture the American dream of owning a home. We spent an entire Saturday with them as they explained their experience and witnessed Brian building his own house while Elizabeth took care of their 5 children, including a new born.

There are many special moments in this film, but what struck us the most was when Elizabeth spoke about her grandmother putting Nicks on the Wall like many mothers do while their children grow up. Because of this special organization Elizabeth will now be able to do the same.

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When conceptualizing this story, we broke into the following three acts : 

  • ACT I : The family learns about Habitat for Humanity and gets the lucky call
  • ACT II : The journey of building a new home
  • ACT II : How life will change from this point on

For more information about this local chapter, visit Habitat for Humanity Suffolk or
Visit the the main site Habit for Humanity

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– Canon C100 and 5Dmk2’s
– Glidecam HD4000
– Cinevate Slider
– Shure VP89m Shotgun
– Rode VideoMic Pro

Story Film | Building a Better World

This is a new product called THE STORY FILM. It is a personal look at someone averaging about 4-7 minutes and dives deep inside the passions of a person and what makes them happy. The film is designed to be played at your live event for your guests to enjoy.

Hayden is a 13 year old who wants to be an architect. He writes a coming of age speech for his Bar Mitzvah that compares his passion of building to how you live your life and treat family.

Sweet 16 Concept Film

Sweet 16 Highlight Reel Concept
This was a concept that we shot before the event and fused with live coverage from the event itself. Briana had her Sweet 16 party on October 15, 2011. we decided to give this piece a 60’s summer feel using coloring grading.

Tech Info
Briana | Sweet 16 Concept Film
Cameras : Shot on Canon 5Dmk2
Slider : Kessler Pocket Dolly
Flyer : Glodecam 4000 HD
Voiceover : Edirol R09HR + Sanken Cos11 mic
Color Grading :

My Kids – filmed March 20, 2010 in Port Jefferson

I normally don’t mix my personal life into my business but this time I will. My family is where I get lots of my inspiration, imagination, and passion from. I am not in this film because I was behind the camera. This is a run and gun type of shoot so its less controlled (handheld and shaky at times) than a professional shoot. Anyway I’d like to introduce you to my two daughters Amanda and Madison and my wife Suzanne – ENJOY!