Sweet 16 Concept Film

Sweet 16 Highlight Reel Concept
This was a concept that we shot before the event and fused with live coverage from the event itself. Briana had her Sweet 16 party on October 15, 2011. we decided to give this piece a 60’s summer feel using coloring grading.

Tech Info
Briana | Sweet 16 Concept Film
Cameras : Shot on Canon 5Dmk2
Slider : Kessler Pocket Dolly
Flyer : Glodecam 4000 HD
Voiceover : Edirol R09HR + Sanken Cos11 mic
Color Grading : http://cinegrain.com/

Sweet 16 Bash

Louise turned 16 on Jan 23, 2010. We had the pleasure of producing a hybrid Same Day Edit mixed with an option called “Pre Shoot” which we had a blast filming 4 weeks earlier in the streets of Manhattan. We combined the NYC shoot with shots taken from the night of her birthday bash and created this 6 minute feature which was played to a screaming audience.