We would like to share our experiences with brides and grooms to help their day more enjoyable and better planned.

It is very common that brides and grooms already have their timeline setup before they hire us. Sometimes it works out perfect and sometimes it is not so perfect. The important thing to remember is factoring in “worst-case scenarios” which actually happen quite often.
Here is an example :

3pm – church ceremony – full mass
6:30pm – cocktail hour
7:30 – reception

this looks great, so the bride and groom decide they want to go to a cool location for creative photo and cinema shots about 20 minutes away. here is the reality of this timeline

3pm – ceremony begins
3:50 – ceremony ends and receiving line begins
4:10 – receiving line ends and bride/groom prepare to walk outside church
4:20 – bride and groom get brought back into church a some photos with photographer
4:35 – bride and groom start to head to limo after church photos but get stopped by more guests congratulating
4:40 – limo leaves church
5:05 – limo arrives at photo/cinema location for shoot but gets caught in 5 mins traffic
5:10 – bridal party still taking their time getting outr of limo
5:15 – bridal party walks to location
5:20 – photos start after bridal party gets setup for first shot
6:20 – photo session ends and everyone starts to head back to limo
6:30 – after a 5 min walk and 5 mins to get everyone into car the limo leaves
6:50 – limo pulls up to reception location (cocktail hour has started 20 mins ago) – the matre d and bridal assistant greet the bride/groom and take them to their bridal suite
7:00 – family picture havent even started yet and everyone is scattered in the cockatil hour – it will take some time to gather all family members needed. Bride and Groom will probably not make cocktail hour now because they have to start family pictures.

so you see how quickly things get delayed. This is very common during a wedding day. The best advice I could give is to ask your cinematographer, photographer, and planner what they suggest and tell them your preferences. ask yourself these questions :

Do you want to be at cocktail hour – if not this will buy you extra time
Do you need a receiving line – this could save you 15-20 mins possibly
Do you need an additional location, or would you cansider a closer location for photo/cinema shoot
Maybe you have the option of having the ceremony earlier, or the cocktail hour starting later.

Hope this was informative. Good luck in planning your wedding. Feel free to contact Adam Forgione at Pennylane Productions for any advice. Ill be happy to steer you in the right direction whether your interested in booking us or not. Have a wonderful happy wedding.

Adam Forgione
Owner/Director of Pennylane Productions

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