In addition to wedding films, we love to share work from our sister company Pennylane Visuals (a video marketing company for businesses and non-profits). This is the story of Princess Nikolina and her experiences preparing for her royal ball which was held in New York on May 7th, 2015 along with over 800 guests. At the age of 3, Nikolina was diagnosed with leukemia. Today she is a healthy 7 year old who helps other children going through the same battle she once did. When Make-A-Wish Foundation approached Nikolina and her family about a wish, Nikolina immediately knew she always wanted to be a princess.

If you enjoyed this film, you will love the film we did for Make-A-Wish in 2014 called “Blue Lightning”


Directed by Adam Forgione
Produced by Pennylane Visuals
Music licensed by Audio Network

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