Select Music Library

The founder of Pennylane, Adam Forgione, has recently co-founded a new music library which has now become an incredible resource of music for Pennylane films. Select Music Library was launched to the world on Feb 19, 2018 and the response has been great. Many wedding...

Wedding at The Apawamis Club | Wedding Trailer

Wedding at The Apawamis Club Marina + Hunter All weddings are personal affairs, but Marina and Hunter's wedding was soaked in personal and family history. When I spoke to them on the phone prior to the wedding I was impressed with just how...

Central Park Zoo Wedding

Central Park Zoo Wedding

Catherine and Neil didn’t want a typical wedding. They wanted a day that reflected who they were, both culturally and personally. That meant no catering hall, no pre written vows and not choosing one of their two religions to celebrate. They would have two ceremonies in two unique places and have their party among the animals in Central Park.

Winter Wedding Wonderland | Wedding Trailer

Winter Wedding Wonderland Trailer When Ashley planned her winter wedding for mid December 2016, the one wish she made was for snow. Not the blizzard kind, but something that would coat the day like a winter wonderland...well someone was...

Hamptons Wedding Video Trailer | Top Videographer New York

Mariel and Jamie love the Hamptons. So it’s no surprise that they would plan the most important day of their lives to take place here. Ironically, one of Mariel’s close family friends recently bought a beautiful horse farm in the Hamptons and Mariel’s dad happen to see it. Once he saw the staircase, he said “Mariel is going to get married here one day.”

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