Weddings are huge endeavors, with hundreds of details to work out and they often can become overwhelming for couples to plan. It’s easy to get bogged down with tiny details and forget about the big picture.

So, how do you know what to put at the top of your planning list?
Lindsey, a Pennylane bride from 2012 has an easy answer.

“Do the big things first.

See more of Lindsey’s advice in the video above and make sure to check out our other Wedding Tips for helpful hints on how make your wedding day as stress free as possible.

Watch Lindsey and James’ Highlight “Crossing the Line” here.

Lindsey and her husband James used Pennylane for wedding videography two years ago. They were kind enough to sit down with us and chat about all aspects of their wedding planning experience with our company. Keep checking the blog and our social media sites as we regularly release more short videos like this covering topics like wedding photography, wedding images, how important a wedding videographer is, wedding video pricing, the difference between a wedding videographer and a wedding cinematographer, and more.

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