If you were to ask my closest friends, they would say The Beatles are my favorite band in the world. It’s no wonder I named my company after one of their songs back in 2000. The name Pennylane Productions has no meaning unless you are me. To me it’s a way to keep my heart close to the music that changed my life forever.



During my younger years (16-27 years old) I played music for a living. I went through many phases. My Bon Jovi phase after seeing them in concert back in 1987 during their Slippery When Wet tour. My Billy Joel / Elton John phase which led me to learning piano on a whole new level. My Queen phase which introduced me to their classic records on phonograph and of course my favorite Queen song “My Meloncholy Blues“. Next was my Doors phase with the help of Oliver Stone’s amazing film “The Doors.” My Phish phase which I still love listening to after 5 year breaks. I even played in a Phish tribute band which was very fun.

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My last and current phase which has lasted many years is my Beatles phase. This hit me hard while playing in a popular cover band on Long Island called Kid Gloves. My close friend Michael Delguidice and myself used to watch The Beatles Anthology on VHS and listen to Beatles songs while writing original music during the day. At night we would be playing 4-5 times a week in the band. As a songwriter listening to The Beatles, one cannot resist coming up with amazing song ideas after a 10 minute listen. Today Michael is the rhythm guitarist and singer for Billy Joel when he’s not singing and playing piano in his own Billy Joel tribute band Big Shot.

I came across this picture today and was amazed to see such a rare picture of my heroes playing a wedding back in 1958. Looking at this picture connects with me on a whole new level being a wedding filmmaker and a songwriter/musician inspired by The Beatles more than any other band. I thought I’d share my feelings with you.[intense_hr /]

Whose your favorite Beatle? Paul

What’s your favorite Beatles song? For No One

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